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O.Y.R. Leadership Solutions is an arm of the O.Y.R. Group and offers various forms of leadership development and training programs built on the timeless principles of our founder Leroy Hutchinson and his teachings on servant leadership. From our S.W.E.T. Analysist and coaching to workshops, they all inspire and challenge you to learn and lead with excellence. Our curriculum can be customized to address your organizational, cultural, and leadership challenges specifically.

Leadership is the most critical role in every organization or country. Whether corporate or non-profit, it is essential to fulfilling the company's vision, but servant leadership, on the other hand, adds value to the people.

Servant leadership is not a recent discovery; it was always the missing character of the struggling majority but the number one ingredient in the minority of great leaders. When leaders serve, the team sees a living model of what it means to show humility, grace, and strength all at once.

Companies that choose to develop their leaders can positively influence everyone, creating a cultural shift that leads to more engaged employees and improved revenue. For more than ten (10) years, Leroy Hutchinson has trained and mentored leaders in Jamaica and overseas using the O.Y.R. method.

Our proprietary methodology is based on thinking like a leader yet acting like servants. It provides a comprehensive growth process for the emerging leader and tracks the progress of the growing leader. It inspires people to lead beyond their titles, develop strong relationships that lead to higher production, learn to find and develop emerging leaders, and create a culture of leadership development within the organization.


To Invest in leaders, build supportive teams, and leave a legacy for generations to come.


To become Jamaica's #1 leadership development institution with a world-renowned reputation. 

To Partner with Corporate companies, churches, and other organizations to bring about top-class staff development.

To produce quality course materials and reading resources that can be of help to leaders.

To provide high-quality training and mentoring programs/sessions for organizations.

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