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Leroy Hutchinson 

Financial Consultant I Purpose & Leadership Coach I Author I Speaker I Entrepreneur 

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My Story

Leroy Hutchinson is a well-known youth speaker, author, leadership expert, and evangelist who has traveled to over 20 countries to empower leaders and fulfill his international mandate throughout the Eastern Caribbean, North & South America, and Africa. He is a purpose advocate whose primary aim is to lead, empower and mentor. Leroy has answered the call to leadership since age 14 after accepting the appointment of youth leader at his local church in St Catherine. By age 17, he became the head boy in high school, student council president, I.S.C.F., and 4H club president, all of which were entrusted to him in 6th form in 2004.

Leroy had always desired to make a difference in the lives of people. His passion in life is to grow and equip others to do remarkable things and lead meaningful and fulfilled lives. He is also passionate about training and mentorship, so since 2012 has devoted himself to full-time speaking and writing. He has written six books, including Purpose Has No Shame, The Youth Leader in You and Think Like A Leader, Act Like A Servant. Leroy wrote these books because he has lived a life of selfless service, especially to leaders. Being a leadership and purpose coach at heart, he develops these training materials to allow others to visualize their level as a leader and how they can be more influential, respected, and successful.

Leroy Hutchinson registered his first non-profit company called OperationYouth Reap Limited in 2012. Operation Youth Reap is his way to focus on youth development, sports outreach, leading mission trips locally & internationally, and mentoring youths. The mission is to positively influence young leaders to impact their families, businesses, organizations, and communities. He mentored and developed a capable staff and over 200 volunteers across Jamaica to help fulfill the mandate of Operation Youth Reap.

He later founded and is C.E.O. of the O.Y.R. Group Limited, which comprises four (4) subsidiaries. Operation Youth Reap Limited and School of Missions, Mentoring, and Evangelism Limited are both Non-Profit organizations, and O.Y.R. Books & Publishing Limited, a company he co-founded with his wife Ann- Monique.

In addition, Leroy Hutchinson challenges corporate and non-profit leaders to inspire, challenge, and equip their organizations to live out leadership and reach their potential through O.Y.R. Leadership Solutions Limited. The company assesses and assists individuals and their staff to learn and lead with excellence.

Besides speaking to hundreds of people each year, Leroy is a Minister of Religion, lecturer, the National Youth Director for the Church of God of Prophecy (C.O.G.O.P.) in Jamaica, and a Financial consultant with Sagicor Life Jamaica. He studied at the Jamaica Theological Seminary, Leadership Development Institute (L.D.I.), and holds certificates in Project Management from the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.) and Small Business Management from the Northern Caribbean University (N.C.U). He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Ann-Monique, and daughters Renoya and Kajanae.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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